Hi! I'm Tabi.


TT Editing is a long-held, but unacknowledged, dream of mine. I was the kid that quite literally was grounded for reading too much instead of doing my homework (I was reading the Trixie Belden mystery series BTW). I've edited material for friends, family, and former supervisors, but it was always as a side-project. For over 15 years, I worked in science labs and finally in 2020 I realized that I was deeply unhappy and needed a change. After finding an online course to brush up on my proofreading and editing skills, I decided to start my own freelance business!


My primary focus is on academic & science materials; however, I consider myself a jack-of-all-trades and have numerous hobbies and interests including, but not limited to: baseball/softball, photography, painting, knitting/crafts, movies/TV, bowling, music, cats, and mental health. I'd be happy to take on projects involving any of my hobbies/interests. 

Why should you hire me?

I graduated in 2006 from Wittenberg University in Springfield, OH. with a B.S. in Chemistry and a minor in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. I now live in Bethlehem, PA, the Christmas City. I've worked as a lab technician in various industries including academics, microelectronics, pharmaceuticals, and polyurethane foam for the past 15 years with experience in scanning electron microscopy and quality control labs. Additionally, I spent 3 years learning about lab-based EH&S. Recently, I received a certificate for completing the High-Level Proofreading Pro course from Edit Republic.

Beyond my technical experience, I've got an adept eye for detail. I enjoy helping others and any project I work on will receive my absolute attention. I will treat your work with the same care and consideration I would give my own. Having spent so many years in the sciences, I know exactly how much time and energy you put into your work. I want to help your work be as flawless as possible so as to ensure the only thing readers focus on is the content of your work!